Pastures Curriculum

At Ambleside Nurseries we aim to provide a broad, rich and exciting range of experiences that are fun, rewarding and challenging.  Our carefully planned environment offers a wealth of core resources which provide children with opportunities to develop their learning, both independently and with peers.

Children make choices about their play and interactions. Through purposeful play adults skillfully and sensitively guide children’s learning- taking into account their passions and interests, their current development levels and any particular needs. Adults observe children’s play and respond.  By exploring what motivates them most at that time, practitioners can inspire immediate and future learning. We call this ‘in the moment planning’. For more information, click on the document below.

During each session all children take part in short, thoughtfully planned small group times.  These times focus on introducing new skills and developing learning, with a focus on the three prime areas; Communication and Language Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Physical Development.  Keyworkers know their groups extremely well and will adapt plans to meet the individual needs and interests of their groups. Authentic relationships support and inspire children as they develop a lifelong love of learning.



Daily planned group times- Monday 1st July -Friday 26th July